Launching any new business is a challenge.  Is there enough demand? Too much competition? Will my business make money? Will I have to spend every waking hour working?

Floristry is no different.

Whether you’ve been a florist for decades or are just starting up, the same challenges apply. Passion for flowers and creativity are not enough to launch a business.  A successful florist also needs to grapple with marketing, social media, web design, copywriting, accounting, tax planning, sales, and so on. Sometimes she’ll feel more like a juggler than a florist!

Here are 5 ways Athena can help grow your Floristry Business

1. Increase your sales

Join Athena and your floristry business will be introduced to a whole raft of local (and national) female entrepreneurs.  We are a booming community of like-minded women who want your business to flourish. Make connections and watch your sales grow!

“The ladies at Athena genuinely want you to do well with your business. It’s like having a room full of cheerleaders (without the pom-poms) who motivate, inspire and support you in your business endeavours. They want to recommend your services. They want to connect you with people who can help. And it’s all done with a smile and a generous dollop of banter.  And, whilst I never went to Athena to win business (this is more of a support network for me), about 80% of my monthly billings have come from connections I’ve made via Athena.  It more than covers my membership fee (and then some)!” – Samantha Pilling, Bite Me Marketing

2. Preferred Supplier

Would you like to be introduced to Wedding Venues? Funeral Directors? Business Centres? Does the idea of regular business (as a recommended supplier) sound good to you? We have members in these industries and members with these connections, and we’d love to introduce you… the rest is up to you!

“The Athena Network has provided me with the expert advice and resources that have helped me grow my business, and I regularly get direct commissions from members and their contacts.” – Kate Cooper, Absolute Architecture

3. Business Training

Every month we invite a speaker to give a short training session during our meetings. Benefit from insights into marketing, sales, public speaking, accounting, pension planning, finance, and a range of personal development topics.

“The Athena Network is unique in the degree of collaboration, support, business education and wisdom shared both by the organisation and between its womanly peers.  Being an Athena member has helped me incubate business ideas and successfully expand my business far beyond what I could have achieved on my own.” – Sharon Eden, Psychotherapist

4. Plug your Skills Gap

Need an accountant? Want some help with your Social Media? Have a legal question? Stop wasting time Googling for help!  Our members come from a range of professions and are on hand to give quick advice or longer-term support.  It’s like having a Little Black Book for your business.

“The individuals who attend are supportive and the networks really work – there is always someone who knows someone who can help. I have collaborated with many businesses to deliver mutual goals. The Athena Network provides community in the workplace, a much needed resource for many who work alone.” – Kran Sondh, The Cookcurry Club

5. Keep you sane!

Running a small business can feel lonely and daunting at times. Joining Athena means having a network of like-minded friends who support your business endeavours (and empathize with you over the challenges).  

“The support and friendship I have been offered from literally everyone I have come across in ATHENA has changed the way I view myself, my abilities and my business.  I have gone from feeling slightly isolated and unsure, to confident and energised and so positive about my future – both personally and professionally.” – Sonia Grimes, Youtrition.

Come and visit!

Discover what it’s like to be part of a diverse and dynamic network of 2000 women to help you grow your business. Contact Debbie Diggle our Regional Director, today, to discuss visiting as a guest. There’s no obligation and no pressure to join. Simply come and see what Athena can do for your floristry business.

Debbie Diggle: Regional Director

Telephonte:  07733 076775