Feeling overwhelmed? Taken on too much? Having trouble saying no? Are your business boundaries being infiltrated?

If any of those questions above resonate with you, then there is a high probability that your business boundaries have been crossed.

It may have happened subtly, starting with an innocent “yes” here and a “sure I can do that”. Before you know it, your desk is stacked with work that is taking you away from what you love to be doing.

It may come from a place of good intention and wanting to serve others or perhaps the thought of saying no to someone fills you with dread.

Your time and energy are valuable resources and by saying yes, when you really mean no, can have a negative impact on your business and your health.

There is a correlation between stress and poor health and by allowing your business boundaries to be continually crossed there is a strong likelihood of heading to burn out.

If you find that you are taking on way more tasks that you have capacity for and it is starting to lead to frustration, overwhelm or you are easily agitated, it might be time to reel in those yes’s and commit to what it is your truly want to do.  Not what other people want you to do for them.

Here are some pointers on how to say no;

1) Breathe first, then respond – Take a couple of seconds to consider the impact of saying yes to a new project or task.

a) If saying no fills you with dread, consider following it up with why you said it. Sometimes people just don’t appreciate how busy we might be. Explain with a positive spin and try to offer an alternative for them to consider.

2) Be honest with yourself – Say no when you know you are probably not the right person or you know that you have too many other tasks at the moment. Is it possible that you could refere someone who might be better suited?

3) Manage client expectations – Have clear expectations on how you will be working with a client in advance and and it will be easier to say no