You need to be confident if you want your business to grow. Our confidence does tend to grow, once we’ve been working for a while, as we get sure of our abilities and the results we can give our clients.  But what about when you’re new in business? You need the confidence to get new business, but you may not always come across as confident. So, how do you boost your confidence when you’re new in business? 

Here are 10 confidence-boosting tips you can use, to start feeling more confident and assured of yourself. 

#1:  Be positive and optimistic 

If you want to feel confident, focus on the positive. It’s hard to feel confident and optimistic about yourself and your business if you’re always focusing on what you haven’t done, or what you don’t yet have.  

#2:  Know where you’re headed and remind yourself frequently 

One way you can stay positive and optimistic is to remind yourself where you’re headed. What are you going to achieve and by when? Focusing on your desired end goal keeps your head in the game and your eyes firmly ahead. 

#3:  Break down your goals into small chunks 

Sometimes we can lose confidence when we feel that our task or goal is too large. Therefore, it’s so important to break down your goals into smaller chunks. Not only does it make it more manageable, it also makes you hit the wins, faster. 

#4:  Recognise and celebrate your accomplishments no matter how big or small 

And this is why you need to hit those wins frequently – it gives you something to recognise, something to celebrate. So, make sure you ARE celebrating those wins, no matter how big or small. Each one is a sign that you’re in the right direction. 

#5:  Keep learning and be open to learning  

Not only does learning keep your brain active, it also reminds you that you don’t know everything – and that’s a good thing! By acknowledging that you don’t know it all, you are freeing yourself up to learn and grow. 

#6:  Let go of mistakes – learn and then let go  

One way we keep our confidence low is to hold on to our mistakes. Let them go. If you need to learn from them, learn and then move on. 

#7:  Don’t be afraid to ask for advice 

Even established business owners ask for help and advice – so don’t hold yourself back through a fear of asking for help. 

#8:  Surround yourself with support 

When you surround yourself with an effective support network, you’ll feel safe enough to take steps into the unknown. Give yourself the support you need, to step confidently forward. 

#9:  Watch your body language 

If you want to feel more confident, act more confident! This means holding your head up, shoulders back and smile – you’ll be amazed at how much more confident you’ll feel if you change your posture. 

#10: Know that you’ve got this – have faith in yourself and your abilities 

Finally, know you can do this. Trust in yourself and your abilities and know that your skills are just what someone else is looking for – and you’re more than happy to provide.