Attraction marketing is a big buzzword phrase in the online business world. There’s a lot of talk about ‘organically growing your network’ and ‘attracting your ideal clients’, especially around the coaching/self-help niche and the more heart-based businesses. However, the use of those phrases and the philosophy behind them, can often lead to a block, when it comes to your networking efforts – especially among newer, inexperienced business owners.

Attraction marketing looks attractive and easy!

The reason being, phrases like ‘attraction marketing’ and ‘organic growth’ often lead inexperienced business owners to believe they don’t need to do anything other than create their ‘thing’. They get hooked up on the ‘build it and they will come’ dream, focusing their efforts on creating great looking websites that speak to your ideal audience. They see more experienced business owners successfully using these strategies, forgetting that they’re only seeing the end result – and this leads them to believe, this is all that’s needed, to automatically attract their target audience to them and make their business a success.

But like any other business strategy, attraction marketing and organic growth can happen – but only if you use them in conjunction with other marketing strategies. Problems start to arise, if you rely ONLY on any individual strategy to grow your business. This leads to misconceptions around how the different strategy components work and if you even need them at all.

That’s why attraction marketing and organic growth can stunt your networking efforts. To the inexperienced business owner, they create common misconceptions about how they can work effectively together.

Misconception #1: If you use attraction marketing, you don’t need to network

At its core, attraction marketing is sold as something that focuses only on one thing – attracting your ideal clients. This leads to the misconception that you don’t need to take part in networking events, as they’re based on going out and finding connections.

But networking isn’t just about getting new business and making new sales. It’s about connection. It’s about building and nurturing relationships with new contacts, potential joint venture partners and connecting with like-minded people. Organic growth of those relationships is where you can get heart-based and authentic – as those relationships need to be built on authenticity, collaboration and respect.

Misconception #2: At Networking Events you need to focus on attraction

Inexperienced business owners who are invested in heart-based and attraction-led businesses and go to networking events, often go into them with the wrong mindset. They believe that by turning up, they’re going to attract who they need to them. Yes, there are times when synchronicity plays a part and this happens – but networking is about reaching out and connecting, not sitting back and waiting.

Misconception #3: You need to be reactive, not proactive

This leads to the final misconception – you just need sit back and attract what you need. Networking events are proactive events. If you’re waiting on the side-lines for your ideal contact to reach out, you may be lucky – but there’s a high chance you won’t be. And, if you use this same reactive philosophy in your business generally – you’re in dangerous waters. You could be on the right track and be heading in the direction you want to go, but if you want that to gain momentum, you’re going to need to put in some forward action, to get going!

Attraction marketing and organic growth can be effective in business, but only when used in conjunction with other marketing strategies. If you go into your business with a proactive mentality, you’ll opening yourself to the power, strategies such as networking events and in-person connections, can bring to your business.