No two businesses are alike. They may offer the same services, but what makes a business truly unique, is the person behind that business. That person and their personality, preferences, and choices, will dictate how that business looks, feels, interacts with its clients. It’s this combination that ultimately, dictates what their end services, products, and results look like from their client’s perspective.

However, it’s all very well knowing that you’re the component that makes your business unique, but accurately portraying that uniqueness can be even more difficult! We can find it all too easy to follow the marketing strategies of our fellow business owners and end up not being ourselves – making our businesses incongruent with who we are and how we want them to truly look.

So how can you get past that sticking point and effectively ensure you’re being you in your business?

#1: Establish what makes you unique

Start with getting clear on what makes you and your business products and services unique. Is it the formula or procedure you use? Maybe it’s your views on customer service or value? Brainstorm everything that’s important to you in business, right from how you sell, through to client retention and ongoing support etc. And don’t forget to include your personality too – your preferences and personal choices etc.

#2: Play to your strengths

When you know what’s both important and unique about you and your business, you can ensure that you play to those key strengths. Make sure they’re part of your marketing and sales strategies, as well as part of your manifesto and mission statement.

#3: Ensure your branding reflects you

Don’t be a pale imitation of your peers. New business owners especially, can fall foul to this, by copying those they admire – almost word for word, image by image – and it rarely ends well. If you want to be successful and attract in those people YOU want to work with, ensure your written copy, language, images, fonts and graphics all reflect you and your personality.

#4: Write your own copy

If you try to copy the sales pages of those you admire, you’ll struggle to keep authenticity. Your personal style needs to come across in your written copy – from the length of your sentences to the words you use. This doesn’t mean you can’t outsource it to a professional, but it does mean you need to know your style, prior to outsourcing.

#5: Do business your way

Finally, make sure you’re always running your business the way you want it run. If you don’t want to have complicated jargon – don’t. If you don’t want to have products under a certain price, courses that consist solely of PowerPoint presentations – don’t! And if you want to have your videos looking more personal and less professional – do it. Remember, it’s your business, so run it how you want – and ALWAYS be yourself!

Image Copyright: vladrad / 123RF Stock Photo