Meet AnYes van Rhijn

Regional Director

AnYes van Rhijn has twenty-five years of corporate experience at senior positions in administration, event management and training and has worked in the consulting, IT, Banking and Law sectors. Ten years ago, she set up her own coaching boutique in France, CCLS Consulting where she was operating under the brand names Conscious Leaders Academy and Successful Women Academy, and where she worked as an Executive Coach in Change Management and Leadership Development.

After seven years she repositioned herself as a Women’s Empowerment Coach. A.k.a. The Reinvention Mentor, she helps overwhelmed female business owners who have recreated the rat race they run away from and who are READY to regain control of their life, create the business that will sustain the life they desire. She is a walking example that it is never too late to reinvent yourself. She is particularly gifted at teaching you how shifting your mindset and implementing the right support system can help you reach your full potential in your professional and personal life

She is a French citizen who has been strongly influenced by her Dutch roots. She considers herself a citizen of the world and has moved to London in July 2015. She loves the high energy, the pulse and the cosmopolitan atmosphere that is so particular to London.

AnYes is a true connector and networker. She also firmly believes in the power of collaboration, which is why she founded her own network of forty+ international coaches, trainers and consultants in fifteen different countries some six years ago and led it for four years until she decided to leave France.

She joined Athena Central London when she arrived in London, and it was obvious to her when the Central London franchise was offered for sale that this had to be for her.

She believes Athena is the perfect place for women to connect, achieve, grow both professionally and personally and she is thrilled to be able to help women in business this way.

You can contact Kristine Garlan PA to AnYes van Rhijn by email at