Meet Anita Gray

Regional Director

After thirty eight years in their London based family tyre business, using the people skills learnt from dealing with both staff and customers, Anita decided she wanted to continue her fascination with people and their appearance.

Deciding to put some colour into her life, after the dark colours of the tyre world, Anita in 1995 trained to be a colour and image consultant opening her own business from her colour studio in Harlow.

Following the success of Anita’s new business she was invited to be the stylist for a new charity called Fabulous and Beautiful offering style advice and beauty sessions for ladies suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy and breast cancer, a service that is offered at St Marys Hospital in Epping and which is very close to Anita’s heart.

Through an advertisement Anita was invited to attend a networking meeting, which opened a new and exciting period of her life. Networking is about connecting people and this is why Anita decided to expand her business world and bought an Athena Network franchise.

Anita prides herself on her ability to connect business ladies who want to grow their businesses in an informal but structured way and takes great pride in standing back watching the connections made. Networking the Athena way to Anita is friendship, fun and business opportunities all rolled into one and is of the utmost importance.

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