There comes a time in your business when you start to think about expanding. You appreciate that you’re not Superwoman and can’t do everything on your own. You just need an extra pair of hands to help you lighten the load – plus you’d like to occasionally get off the treadmill and take a breather!

But are you actually ready to outsource or do you just need to take that much-needed break away for a bit?

If you know what to look for, there are some obvious signs that you’re ready to outsource some of your workload:

Sign #1: There aren’t enough hours in your day

You were planning to work six hours a day, for just three days a week, but you’re now working double that and it still isn’t enough. Your husband’s forgotten what you look like and your children think they’re orphans – and all you wanted was a business that enabled you to spend more time with your family…

Sign #2: You’re having to turn away business

Depending on the type of business you’re in, there will be times where you turn away unsuitable clients – but are you turning away the good ones, due to your workload?

Sign #3: Standards are starting to slip

Treat your clients well and you’ll have a customer for life – but is your customer services department (meaning you!) taking too long to answer queries and carry out requests or refunds? Maybe you’re a coach or a therapist and aren’t giving your clients 100% of your focus, as you’re too tired or are aware of the huge to-do list waiting on your desk?

Sign #4: Tasks aren’t getting done

Is that same to-do list getting passed from week to week, with very little changing? Maybe you’d like to update your social media profiles or post updated blog content, but just can’t seem to fit it all into your day?

Sign #5: You’re looking to learn a skill you don’t actually like!

Finally, is your business lacking a specific skillset in order to grow? Maybe you need to update your website or create new social media content and adverts, in order to effectively attract new customers – but you don’t know how to do it or you don’t actually like doing it in the first place. You’re therefore looking to buy a training course or sign yourself up for an evening college course on it – as that’s the only time that you’re free to learn (something that you don’t actually like!).

If any of these signs are obvious in your business – you’re more than ready to outsource. You need to get clear on what it is you like doing in your business, along with the talents you have and start outsourcing the rest. Not only will you gain back your time and your sanity, you’ll be getting out of your own way and giving your business the best possible chance of success.

After reading the signs above, are you ready to outsource? Why not make a list of tasks you could start handing over, along with a list of the different outsourcers you need, in order to move your business forward?

Image Copyright: ginasanders / 123RF Stock Photo