By Julia Virdee – Graphic Designer

1. Can you design it for me in Word? 

Graphic Design

The simple answer is NO. A Graphic Designer has a range of highly sophisticated software and a wealth of experience to be able to fine tune a design to look its absolute best. Word just does not have the same capabilities. If you want something you can edit later then I recommend you do it yourself.

2. It’s a quick job. 

Graphic Design Tips

Unless you are asking your existing designer to update the phone number on your business card or send an previous artwork to a new printer always assume the job is NOT quick. Factor in time spent reading and replying to emails. Calling you to clarify your requirements. That even a simple design can be made up of multiple elements and components, that will need adjusting. Be kind to your designer and give them warning and time to do the job properly. 

3. I want this, but it needs to be different.

Graphic Design Tips

You are employing a Graphic Designer to produce something unique and tailored to you and your business. Why would you want something just like someone else already has? You would equally not be happy if you saw someone using a design that was too similar to something you have paid to have produced. Stay unique.

4. I found this on Google Images, Can you use it?

Graphic Designer Tips

NO. Most images that appear when you search images on Google are taken from other peoples websites or pay to use stock photography libraries. This means someone owns the rights to that image and you would need to pay or at least credit the photographer for the image. Either source images yourself from an image library or better still use your own original images.

5. I’ll know it when I see it.

Graphic Design Tips

If you genuinely don’t know how you want your design to look expect to pay for the additional time it will take for your designer to drill down a brief from you and / or produce numerous designs for you to select from. Remember you will be paying for the designers time to produce these additional options, even if you don;t use them.

6. I want it to POP. I want something that looks Classy.

Graphic Design Tips

Great words but they mean very little in terms of a design brief. Remember to be clear on what you think makes something POP, or what you consider classy. Use examples if you don’t know the words.

7. You can get a copy of my logo from my website / Facebook page.

Graphic Design tips

NO I can’t. Especially if you are asking for a designer to create something for print.  The resolution of images on screen is very low typically 72 dpi (dots per image) for print you require images in 300 dpi. Print and digital also use different colour setting. Always make sure you have a HIGH RESOLUTION copy, preferably a VECTOR file (.eps / .ai) to give to your designer.

8. There’s too much white space. I want you to FILL the space.

Graphic Design Tips

Don’t be afraid of white space. Over filling a page with information can put people off. There really is truth in the phrase ‘Less is More’. Highlight key features and information and your call to action. When it comes to advertising the main thing you want people to do is make contact and buy. Don’t send them to sleep with a boring, over busy advert that doesn’t make sense.

9. I just want the social media icons. Not the addresses.

Graphic Design Tips

One to note if you are ordering business cards or leaflets. Remember icons are not clickable on a printed piece of marketing literature. It may seem obvious but I have genuinely been asked to remove someones Facebook address from their business card and just use the icon to make more space.

10. Can’t you Photoshop it?

Graphic Design Tips

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. If you want me change the colour of your car, or remove the rubbish bin from the corner of that photo yes. If you want me to turn this elephant round so you can see his face, NO. Photoshop is AMAZING. but it can not do magic.

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