Meet Stella Fehmi

Regional Director

Stella is the Athena Network Regional Director for the City and West Essex regions.

As someone who has always enjoyed building relationships, networking is a natural choice for Stella. Since joining the Athena Network, Stella has seen her business and her circle of contacts grow rapidly. It enables her to meet like minded people and potential business contacts in a friendly but professional setting.

Stella is a natural at connecting people. Since joining the Athena Network, Stella has spent time encouraging ladies to get to know each other better whilst hosting the Cappuccino Connections networking sessions, Regional events and going the extra mile by facilitating other events for her members outside the remit of Athena lunchtime meetings which has proved to be a real success for Athena members and non-members alike.

“The Athena meetings are welcoming, engaging and help every business woman in a way that is relevant to them personally.” Says Stella warmly.

Her passion is for helping people get to where they want to be, to communicate with confidence and achieve unlimited success.

Stella’s professional background is in a broad range of industry sectors and professional roles including financial banking, sales, health and fitness and team management. She has always been driven in helping others, whatever professional role she took on, to achieve more for themselves and inspire success in following their dreams.

Outside of Athena, Stella is a qualified fitness coach dedicated to holistic fitness, health, beauty and well being and is currently looking to expand into fitness and spa retreats in France under her branded Jusfitness which is undergoing a transformation to be revealed next year.

‘I understand the key to a successful meeting is by being welcoming, friendly and supportive but remaining professional at all times & ensure that everyone is looked after.’