Meet Michala Rutherford

Regional Director

Michala is the Regional Director for the Athena Network in the Eastbourne and Lewes areas

Michala has worked for Lloyds TSB for 15 years and 4 years ago started a financial education business in Brighton called Genistar. Through working with people Michala found it extremely rewarding to help people with their financial situations and to provide them with a financial plan that suites there OWN life to reach their OWN goals and dreams.

As someone who always enjoys making new relationships Michala has now expanded into the Athena network. Along with the greatest support from her partner and two children Michala wants to bring as many business women together as possible for the fast, furious and fun world of The Athena Network

Michala is excited and enthusiastic about meeting new people and finding out how we can help each other through networking as well as building great friendships.